Easter Egg Foil Butterfly

Solid chocolate eggs are a wonderful treat around Easter time. I love the colours in the foil wrappers too.  You can save the wrappers and use them in a collage or to make a butterfly to hang in an outdoor tree. This craft is outdoor friendly as it doesn’t matter if the materials get wet.



Laminate sheet

Easter Egg Foil


Easter craft -- Easter Egg Foil Butterfly1. Arrange the foil inside a laminate sheet.

2. Laminate.

3. Draw a butterfly shape on to the sheet. You can use a stencil or just draw it roughly like I did.

4. Punch a hole and thread through a piece of string.

5. Hang in an outdoor tree or use as a mobile inside. Pretty!

Easter Craft - Easter Egg Foil Butterfly

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    Easter Egg Foil Collage
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    […] Quick tip: save the foil from chocolate Easter Eggs and incorporate into a collage, drawing or a tree butterfly […]

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