Stationery Travel Packs for Kids

We are going on a our annual family holiday to the South Island in New Zealand!  I can’t wait! For our yearly big family holiday, I always pack something special for the kids. We are driving around in a camper-van this time so I decided to get journals and stationery packs for my kids and this is what I have in them.

  • A journal each – I find ring ring binder journals get wrecked easily so I go for properly bound books
  • Pack of stickers each
  • Word search/crossword books I found on special for 3 of the kids. For my youngest child, I bought him a Dinosaur Origami pack instead because he’s really into that
  • Variety of pens my kids love: gel pens, coloured ball point pens, felt pens, a pencil each
  • I added some washi tape (to tape any pics or brochures into their books as we go along)
  • Eraser 

Stationery Travel Packs for Kids

I find keeping everything for the respective child in big pencil cases works best because it makes it easy to cart around and it gives the child a place to keep all their things. The drawing pens are for everyone to share.

Stationery Travel Packs for Kids

Stationery Travel Packs for Kids


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