Shell Hair Clip

In a recent haul of beach treasures, we found a few scallop shells. They are a clam shape with a flat back, so I thought they would be perfect for hair clips. The clips turned out so well and my daughter loved it!

I love these sorts of activities that are a natural flow on from family adventures (like this pebble footprints).



  • Shell – I used a scallop shell which make this craft super easy because it’s flat at the back. A more rounded clam-like shell would work too but it would need to be filled with a moulding material so it’s flat at the base.
  • Hair clip – you can buy hair clips for craft at places like discount stores and Spotlight
  • Hot glue

Fun for

  • Holiday craft
  • Older children birthday party craft
  • Just to wear
  • Mermaid costume
  • Shell craft

How to

1. Clean shells well. There are many different ways to clean shells, just google ‘how to clean shells’. I tend to just wash them in soapy water and use a toothbrush to clean them. Then I leave them outside to dry.

How to make shell hair clips

2. Glue shell on to clip.

How to make shell hair clips

3. That’s it! If you want the shell to look more glossy, paint it with clear nail polish.

How to make shell hair clips

How to make shell hair clips

How to make shell hair clips

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