Homemade Christmas Cards (for Kids)

It’s Christmas Week on the Blog!

Guest post by Mel from Latte Mum

homemade christmas cards

This Christmas will be my first as a mum. I’ll get to watch my little one unwrap his first present, taste a little bit of Christmas pudding and maybe even pull on a bonbon. I can’t wait. But with his first birthday happening just four days later, it’s more important than ever that I keep this holiday season hassle-free to avoid an anxiety attack.

As such, I focused on the special but straightforward touches that will add some extra sparkle to Christmas this year. One of which are these fun, festive and easy peasy homemade Christmas cards that I created with the help of my baby boy. I’m sharing three different design ideas that are ideal for kids of all ages (literally from toddler to teenager) – Rudolph, a pop-out Christmas tree, and a Christmas stocking complete with candy canes. These homemade delights are always a crowd pleaser, so get cracking!

Before you start: Be a safe mum as well as a fun one! Definitely get the kids involved, but make sure an adult is on hand to help and supervise.

homemade christmas cards -- materials


  • Scissors
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Black marker pen
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick and glue suited for thicker card (I used UHU Clear Gum)
  • Kids craft paint and a sponge roller
  • Coloured card (I used red and green)
  • Coloured paper for the Rudolph card (I used dark brown, beige and red)
  • White transparent paper for the stocking card (but plain white will do)
  • Sparkly, fun, decorative stickers or any other embellishments you’d like to use (like glitter and googly eyes for Rudolph)

Rudolph card

Homemade Christmas Cards -- Rudolph

1. Take a piece of card (I used red), score and fold in half

2. Draw the outline of Rudolph in pencil – I simply drew a small semi-circle on top, connected to a larger semi-circle on bottom, with large circle mouth area, small circle for nose, ears and straight antlers – leave enough space for the hand prints at the top

3. Use roller to roll-on paint to little hands (I used yellow), then stamp hand prints on top of antlers

4. Wait for paint to dry

5. Rip small pieces of coloured paper then use glue stick to stick onto Rudolph – I used dark brown for the face, beige for the mouth area and ears, and red for the nose (of course)!

Variation –decorate Rudolph using markers, coloured pencils and different materials

6. Wait for glue to dry

7. Use a black marker pen to go over your pencil lines to give Rudolph definition, and then finish off with googly eyes (or simply draw-in eyes) – voila!

3D Christmas Tree

Homemade Christmas Cards -- Pop out Christmas Tree

1. Take a piece of green card, score and fold in half

2. Make a Christmas tree template on a separate piece of card and cut out (I used this one).

3. Use a pencil to trace the outline of the tree template onto your card, allowing enough room at the top for the hand painted star

4. Use roller to roll-on paint to a little hand (I used yellow), then stamp at the top of the tree to make the star

5. Wait for paint to dry

6. Fold card back in half so that the pencil template is on the outside, then use scissors to cut the curvy lines that signify each layer of the tree (don’t cut the sides)

7. Fold each of those layers back and forth on the sides to create a definite fold

8. Push tree inside the card, so that it’s inverted and pops out (when you close the card you should see a gap where the tree once was)

9. Use a piece of coloured paper to stick to the outside of your card (I used red), and add a Christmas message

10. Use stickers and embellishments to decorate the Christmas tree – done!

Variation – if you’re giving this card to a child, why not include some of the stickers with the card so they can decorate the tree themselves!

Christmas Stocking

Homemade Christmas Cards -- Stocking

1. Take a piece of red card, score and fold in half

2.  Take a piece of white transparent paper (or plain white) and fold in half

3.  Use roller to roll-on paint to little hands (I used red), then allow them to stamp and finger paint one side of the transparent paper

Variation –decorate with glitter, coloured pens and stickers instead

4.  Make a simple stocking template on a separate piece of card and cut out

5.  Use a pencil to trace the outline of the stocking template on the non-decorated side of the transparent paper

6.  Use scissors to cut out stocking to give you two mirror-image stocking shapes

7. Staple the two stocking shapes together, leaving the top of the stocking open and ensuring the decorated side is on the outside

8. Use glue suitable for card to stick the stocking to the front of your red card, ensuring the decorated side faces outwards

9. Allow for glue to dry, and then pop a candy cane or two inside – yum!

Variation – include cash or vouchers in the stocking if you’re feeling generous

Are there any other homemade Christmas card designs you particularly love? Feel free to comment or message me with any ideas or questions you have on the above.

About Mel

Mel is a new mum of one, who recently gave up her day job to play dress-up and explore playgrounds with her little one instead. After seeing herself and the world in a whole new way through her son’s eyes, she’s sharing her journey on Latte Mum – a blog written from the heart about juggling life, love and lattes (with a healthy dose of holidays, fun, food, entertaining and inspiration thrown in). You can find Latte Mum here or follow Mel’s antics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Mel is also a contributor to Yahoo!7’s Mouths of Mums.


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