Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift: Your Child’s Handwriting on a Necklace

I’ve been a fan of Uberkate since 2010 when I first discovered Kate Sutton’s work. Kate’s designs foster a deep sense of emotion because it’s all about carrying the ones you love close to you.

Over the years, I’ve followed Uberkate closely and there’s something new I wanted to share with you. It’s called Your Script, and essentially, Kate can turn handwriting into a permanent piece of art to wear. Let me show you the process.

  1. Children wrote their names on paper (Guidelines here).
  2. Emailed scanned handwriting to Uberkate. 
  3. A beautiful box arrives in the mail with the jewellery piece inside.


We opened the box, and my children’s names were written on a silver disc, exactly as they wrote them.  It’s amazing. My son said, “Is that my name!? That I wrote? How did they do that?” They all loved it. But I’m the one that gets to wear it. The necklace I’m featuring is called an Expression Pendant.

Uberkate Your Script Secret Tablet Necklace

It’s not limited to names, you could have anything handwritten on an Uberkate product.  Below are other Your Script examples.  A very special Mother’s Day gift idea. Check out all the glorious products here: Uberkate.

Uberscript - handwriting stamped silver jewellery

    • Necklaces start from $139
    • Your Script $75

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