Advent Calendar Story and Activity Printable

make a simple advent calander

The word advent is derived from the Latin word for coming. My children know Christmas is coming, that’s for sure!

An advent calendar is a fun way to celebrate the coming of Christmas and it also gives children a tangible way to count down to the special day.  I’ve made a few simple versions over the years, including cupcake cases hung over the window, twig tree in a large vase, boxes and envelopesAdvent Calendar Ideas

A few years back now, I put together 24 sections of the Christmas story telling of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. I cut them up and placed the respective day in the numbered compartment, along with a few treats. Each day there is a reading and easy activity idea. I did this mainly for my own personal use, so it’s not fancy but we’ve enjoyed doing it over again each year. If it’s useful to anyone, below is the PDF file (just click on the picture) including links to various activity ideas.

Christmas Story Advent calendar

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