Coffee Pod Penguin

If you have a collection of coffee pods that you’ve been looking to upcycle, why not make some coffee pod creatures! The little cups make them easy for little hands to handle and the coffee pods look so cute when done up as an animal. Today I’m going to show how we made a coffee pod penguin. This has been one of our favourite crafts to make and the end result is super adorable.

coffee pod penguin

This coffee pod penguin craft is great for:

  • Imaginary Play
  • Party Décor
  • Party Craft Activity
  • Just for fun
  • School holiday activity


  •  1 Empty Black Coffee Pod (empty the granules of coffee into the rubbish bin or use it on the garden, don’t empty in the sink)
  • 2 Googley Eyes
  • 1 Piece of Yellow Felt
  • 1 Piece of White Cardboard (you can also use white felt)
  • Scissors and Craft Glue

Coffee pod penguin materials


 1. Cut out a beak from the yellow felt and set out your face for the penguin.
penguin coffee capsule craft
2. Cut a piece of the white card to make the body of your penguin and glue it to the coffee pod.
coffee pod penguin
3. Glue the beak and the googley eyes to the white cardboard.
4. Cut two triangles from the yellow felt to create the feet for your penguin.
coffee pod penguin craft
coffee pod penguin
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